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Young researchers make the most of SIRCA data

Eleven young researchers from universities across Australia and New Zealand took the spotlight recently to demonstrate how they were finding new ways of using data in the areas of finance and accounting.The occasion was the eighth annual SIRCA Young Researchers Workshop for PhD candidates and recently-completed graduates, held at the University of Technology, Sydney.A young

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CMCRC-SIRCA analysis reveals South Australia’s Tesla battery has generated $12.6 million for the State, but only delivered short-term reduction in some electricity pricesNew research from the CMCRC-SIRCA Energy Research Centre finds evidence that the Tesla Powerpack battery storage system in South Australia’s Hornsdale Power Reserve delivered net benefits of $12.6 million over its first 12

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How a start-up steps up: ‘It’s not luck or guess work’

David Myton talks to Sean McCawley, CEO of Capital Markets TechnologiesSean McCawley has seen a host of start-up businesses in his time. He’s witnessed them arise in a blaze of promise and, more often than not, disappear – leaving in their wake shattered dreams, battered egos, and depleted bank accounts.With deep experience in banking, financial

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