Dr David Skellern AO, Chairman


Dr Skellern worked in radio astronomy for 10 years and lectured in electronics at Sydney and Macquarie Universities for 16 years before achieving prominence in the IT industry through Radiata, which he co-founded in 1997. Built on joint research carried out by Macquarie University and the CSIRO, the company demonstrated the world’s first chip-set implementation of the 54 Mbit/s IEEE 802.11a High-Speed WLAN standard. Radiata was sold to US giant Cisco Systems in 2001 for $565 million.

Dr Skellern joined the Board of National ICT Australia in 2003 and became its Chief Executive Officer in 2005.

Dr Andreas Furche

Dr Furche has been involved in the development of financial technology start-up companies for 20 years in Australia, the US and Europe. As CEO of SMARTS, the globally leading market surveillance company, he led the development of the business, which was grown out of CMCRC and acquired by NASDAQOMX in 2010. He developed CMCRC's original commercialisation strategy in 2003, and was involved in the development of a number of other start-up businesses within CMCRC. This includes CMC-IS, Australia's leading provider of fraud and error detection in health insurance claims, of which Dr Furche is now Chairman.

Prior to his involvement with CMCRC, Andreas was a Partner in Electronic Trading Concepts, which was sold to Securenet in 2000. In the 1990s, he worked as a software developer and project manager on the development and deployment of expert systems. Andreas
was also deeply involved in one of the most interesting commercial failures of the early Internet – the attempt to bring electronic cash into global circulation with DigiCash in the mid to late 1990s. Electronic cash remains a favourite topic of his.

Andrew Macpherson

Andrew worked for Accenture until 2005. His areas of specialisation were technology strategy formulation and the large-scale implementation of technology to transform business operations in the Financial Services and Telecommunications industries.

Distinguished Professor Stephen Taylor

Professor Taylor is Professor of Financial Accounting at UTS and a member of the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB). He leads a CMCRC research program examining the measurement of accounting and audit quality. His research focuses on the intersection of financial economics and accounting. In particular, his work has examined how corporations manage their disclosure policies, the effect of accounting and non-accounting data on firms’ value, the economics of auditing, corporate governance issues and initial public offerings.

Professor Taylor’s research has been published in leading international journals, including the Journal of Accounting and Economics, Contemporary Accounting Research, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Pacific Basin Finance Journal and Journal of Business Finance and Accounting. He has also been published in leading Australian journals, namely Accounting and Finance, Abacus and Australian Journal of Management.

Prof. Taylor has acted in a number of matters involving valuations, buybacks, valuation methodologies and financial forecasts, and provided expertise to a range of institutions interested in financial market valuations.