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The Hon. Zed Seselja, Assistant Minister for Science, Jobs and Innovation, announced today that the Government will invest $55 million through its Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) program to further develop Australia’s growing Digital Health technology and services industry. The Digital Health CRC was one of only four CRC’s funded in this round. The Digital Health CRC will invest $231m into the Australian R&D ecosystem with a minimum $111 million in cash funding over its seven-year life.  The Centre will operate through collaborative R&D programs involving multiple Australian and international industry and academic partners). The foundations for the Digital Health CRC have been put in place over the past 8 years through the Health Market Quality program of the CMCRC that focused on leading edge data analytics for the purpose of identifying and reducing fraud, abuse, waste and errors in healthcare. “The CMCRC through its nearly 19 years history has demonstrated significant positive economic impact to Australian society in the order of $1.8b and we are confident that the Digital Health CRC, with its emphasis on the efficacy of health intervention, will add to this at both a national and international level” said the Chair of CMCRC, Dr David Skellern AO. “The CMCRC is extremely proud to have been involved in the birth of the Digital Health CRC which will see  a core set of people from our health programs move on to this exciting new project. We believe in the value that a well-run CRC can deliver to industry partners and are demonstrating this belief by supporting our subsidiary, Lorica Health, to become a major industry partner in the independent Digital Health CRC”. “Lorica Health is a good example of how the CMCRC is successfully graduating from the CRC program to a fully self-sustaining research institute focusing on improving the fairness and efficiency of a new range of markets including energy, digital assets, resources, logistics and consumer finance.” said Dr Skellern. “With these foundations and the overwhelming support of Government, Universities and Industry,  the Digital Health CRC will become another world leading centre in the Australian R&D Landscape and we look forward to working with them on their journey.” Download the (PDF) CMCRC press release here Read the official press release here: Digital Health CRC News Digital Health CRC background information (PDF) 
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