Health PhD student Kelsey Chalmers has appeared as a co-author in the January issue of the UK based Lancet journal, one of the oldest and most well known peer-reviewed medical publications worldwide.
Kelsey was credited for her work in the article “Evidence for overuse of medical services around the world”, an article which was a result of a collaboration between CMCRC supervisor, Professor Adam Elshaug of University of Sydney, and other authors. The piece highlights the drivers of inappropriate care. The authors argue that achieving the right care is both an urgent task and an enormous opportunity. The article is part of a series of papers, published in one issue under the series title named “Right Care” aiming to improve global healthcare through an emphasis on reducing overuse of inappropriate and underuse of appropriate medical treatments Kelsey Chalmers is a third year PhD student working in the area concerning low value health care at CMCRC Health.
To read the article click here. CMCRC Health PhD Student Kelsey Chalmers