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Three of CMCRC’s promising Health postgraduates are presenting at the Health Informatics Society Australia (HISA) event in late August.
  Dr Arif Khan, Amir Marashi and Farshid Hajati are part of the ‘HISA NSW 6th young talent time: Health Informatics research at the cutting edge’ presentation which aims to showcase current Health PhD candidates research from a range of universities. Postgraduate Health student Farshid Hajati from Western Sydney University will be speaking on patterns of potential under and overutilisation of lipid testing in the Australian adult population. PhD Health student Amir Marashi ‘s talk is on using ICD code descriptors to cluster hospital admissions in clinically related groups. Dr Arif Khan’s presentation is in regards to predicting the risk of chronic disease based on graph theory and social network analysis.   CMCRC wishes our students the best of luck at their presentations.   The event is on Thursday 24 August, doors open from 6pm at Macquarie Health, 35 Moore St Leichhardt, NSW. For more info:
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