Ehsan Zare Borzeshi

Senior Data Scientist
Dr. Ehsan Zare Borzeshi is a Senior Data Scientist at CMCRC and its spinout company Lorica Health. He holds a PhD in Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition from University of Technology, Sydney. He has previously held appointments as researcher at University of Newcastle and University of Technology, Sydney, in Australia and has also been a visiting scholar at University of Central Florida in the US. Dr. Zare Borzeshi is interested in using advanced machine learning and programming solutions to model and analyse big data from healthcare, health services, finance, insurance and other domains. Areas of expertise: Machine Learning / Pattern Recognition / Big data

Michael Bain

Senior Lecturer
Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science and Engineering Research interests Level 1: I use artificial intelligence to engineer smart systems that learn from experience Level 2: I take machine learning algorithms and combine them with declarative programming languages to work on complex data such as networks and dynamic models Level 3: Using logic programming in combination with machine learning, we develop novel solutions in applications as diverse as computer chess, online dating and systems biology More details
Areas of expertise: Artificial Intelligence / Logic Programming / Machine Learning