• Finance / Capital Markets
  • Health Markets / Health Economy
  • Econometrics / Actuarial Studies / Applied Mathematics
  • Information Technology / Data mining / Natural Language Processing

The Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC) is a very successful research centre that has won prizes for its research and has already spun-off several businesses. The CMCRC's research is supported by government, industry partners, security exchanges, and regulators in Australia, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and North America. Students are based both in Australia and overseas and have the opportunity to travel.

The CMCRC provides an exciting, high calibre, and well resourced research environment for work in capital markets and health insurance research. The objective is to create better markets locally, regionally, and globally. CMCRC research is about providing a better understanding of markets (their operation and their price behaviour) and to conduct research which facilitates the provision of advances in technology. CMCRC research is also about realising commercial benefits from innovation, and the CMCRC provides direct participation in commercial results for PhD Students.

Programmes currently operate under the following research themes:

  • market design and market behaviour, including market surveillance and compliance
  • health and accident compensation insurance
  • algorithmic and high frequency trading
  • investment management
  • data mining/ text mining and natural language processing

Interdisciplinary research is encouraged. Applications are invited for full-time scholarships to support PhD studies.


We seek highly motivated and enthusiastic scholars from the disciplines above. Candidates must have a 1st class Honours degree or a Masters degree with a major research component, an exceptional academic record, strong written and verbal communications skills, and an ability to work in a team environment. The successful applicants will work closely with one or more industry partners, and consequently must be flexible with regard to their research topic, as this is determined by the industry sponsor. Students will be enrolled at one of the CMCRC's partner universities or an overseas university associated with the CMCRC.

Award Tenure

Subject to satisfactory performance, scholarships are tenable for up to three years. Scholarships of up to $50,000 pa will be offered. The scholarship is tax free. The scholarship is a living allowance and does not cover tuition fees. Australian residents in our program obtain RTS places, which means that they do not pay tuition fees or HECS.

Additional information for international students.

International students are eligible to apply for scholarships provided they hold a visa to study in Australia. It is particularly important for international students to demonstrate the quality of their qualification, their capacity for research and their ability in written and spoken English. Short-listed applicants will be interviewed. Note: the CMCRC does not pay university tuition fees for international students. International students can usually apply to their university or faculty for a fee scholarship, or fee waiver. CMCRC students are usually successful in such applications, but this is a matter for the student and the university, not the CMCRC.

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