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CMCRC-SIRCA Education provides world-class training for the researchers accepted to the CMCRC-SIRCA PhD Program. We have a range of PhD- level courses to ensure you have the skills and knowledge for successful engagement with industry partners, and to become lifelong learners.

The core courses listed below are delivered using the latest mobile learning technology, so you can achieve their best at any time, anywhere. All core courses must be completed successfully before PhD researchers can be placed with an industry partner.

CMCRC-SIRCA Education ensures PhD researchers are able to use and deploy CMCRC-SIRCA infrastructure for their own academic research work and for the benefit of research work with industry partners. It also provides valuable professional skills and competencies in communication, programming, big data management, mining and analytics.

Students who already have existing skills and knowledge in specific learning areas (evidenced by previously completed course work) can apply for an exemption. Also, subject to the approval of their respective universities, you may be able to receive accreditation for required university coursework.

Learning Community
CMCRC-SIRCA Education encourages a positive and supportive learning environment. As well as being given a desk and infrastructure access, you are actively encouraged to work collaboratively on courses within a peer support learning network. You also access to a range of experts and tutors to support the training.

Dr Steve Clark
CMCRC-SIRCA Education Director


Introduction to Market Microstructure

  • A bridging course for students with no prior knowledge of market microstructure.
  • Provides an introduction to the financial operating framework, including the concepts of market efficiency and integrity.
  • Works towards showing how market design changes can impact overall market quality.

Python Programming for Market Data Analytics

  • An introduction to the Python programming language (a universal open-source language used by CMCRC-SIRCA PhD researchers) for students with no prior computer programming skills.
  • Provides the prerequisite foundational skills and knowledge for the Uptick Programming and Market Data Analytics using MQD Workflow courses.


Uptick Programming for Market Data Analytics

  • Provides practical skills and knowledge in the Uptick programming language (a Python-based, cloud-located language with an intuitive event-based syntax developed to allow users of our MQD to create customised metrics).
  • A prerequisite for the MQD Workflow Engine course.

Market Data Analytics using MQD Workflow

  • Provides skills and knowledge for working with large data sets from finance, energy and health markets using our MQD data-research suite.
  • Equips students with an understanding of the functions and features of MQD, the structure of MQD software, and the processes involved in developing and maintaining MQD via the Workflow Engine.
  • Teaches students how to contribute new market data and metrics to MQD to support their research.

Industry Engagement and Communications

  • Equips students with key skills to effectively interact within a professional industry context.
  • Course covers: Communication and Presenting; Collaboration and Teamwork; Project and Time Management; and Leadership and Critical Thinking.