Should we be afraid of the dark?

With dark trading escalating globally, investors and regulators alike are start- ing to become a little scared of the dark yet little is known about the market quality impacts of their introduction.

Sean Foley PDF icon SummaryPDF icon News releasePDF icon Full Article SSRN Link 05-07-13

Computer science research produces new type of regression algorithm for stock picking

Study looks at combining text data and financial quantitative data to produce a model for predicting a stocks daily return.

Tony Zhao PDF icon SummaryPDF icon News ReleasePDF icon Full Article 03-07-13

Audit research finds a way to identify listed companies with questionable practices

Evidence from research based on Italian listed companies suggests that audit pricing is affected by the information asymmetry that surrounds a company.

Pierangelo Rosati, Alex Frino PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 26-06-13

How Beneficial Has Competition Been for the Australian Equity Marketplace?

This paper analyses the introduction of competition to the Australian equities market with the entry of the Chi-X marketplace.

Michael Aitken, Haoming Chen, Sean Foley PDF icon News ReleasePDF icon Full Article 25-06-13

Competition for order flow: Dark versus Lit?

What is causing the growth in dark pools?

Amy Kwan PDF icon Summary 23-06-13

Market quality improvements pave the way for rapid growth in the Australian ETF market

Has the introduction of the ASX’s ETF Market Making Scheme improved efficiency and increased trading activity? A new study answers these questions.

Jag Dosanjh, David Michayluk, Elvis Jarnecic PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 12-06-13

Quality is king in Australian equity investing say researchers

Investment study shows one way “Flight to Quality” is the way forward for Australian retirees in the long term, especially as it comes with “downside protection”.

Camille Schmidt, David Gallagher PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 07-06-13

How do pre-trade transparency improvements affect limit order book information?

A new study looks at evidence from the Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) on the influence of improved pre-trade transparency (PTT) on the information content of the limit order book (LOB).

Kevin Sun PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Press ReleasePDF icon Full Article 05-06-13

How does the private and public release of analyst recommendations affect the market?

A CMCRC study reveals that prior to the public release of stock recommenda- tions, associated institutions experience abnormal trading volume suggesting evidence of “tipping” to privileged clients. This effect is greatest for small and mid-cap stocks.

Ming Ying Lim, Andrew Lepone, Jin Boon Wong PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Press ReleasePDF icon Full Article 29-05-13

How do underwriters trade?

Underwriters of dividend re-investment plans have a legitimate interest in hedging their exposure by going short.

Nicholas Pricha,Sean Foley,Graham Partington,Jiri Svec PDF icon SummaryFile Full Article 26-05-13

Can accounting-based fundamental models pick stock winners on the Australian market?

Do fundamental accounting-based scoring models like the FSCORE and GSCORE predict winners and losers for non-U.S. stocks? A new study tests these models on Australian stocks and finds they perform well.

Sean Foley, Angelo Aspris PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 09-05-13

How have stamp duty changes affected the mainland Chinese stock markets?

Chinese policymakers perhaps view stamp duty increases on their share markets as a way of reducing short term speculation and resulting stock price volatility when they believe the market to be overheated; new research examines the implications of this and sees if this policy has been suc

Lynn Zhu PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 09-05-13

Latest funds management research produces very surprising findings

There is plenty of room for fund managers to improve their performance as evidence suggests they buy winners but sell even bigger winners.

Zhe Chen, David Gallagher PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 09-05-13

Insider Trading Regulation Evaluated with New Microstructure Model

Can official announcements stipulated in insider trading legislation fulfill their purpose to significantly reduce information asymmetry? A recent study says yes, and in doing so develops a new intraday estimation procedure to measure information asymmetry.

Thomas Poppe, Dirk Schiereck, Ingo Wiegand, Michael Aitken PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 05-05-13

Has the Australian Treasury got its projections right for Age Pension expenditure?

Research suggests that unless there are big changes to superannuation rules or changes in human behaviour, forecasts of the money required to finance the Age Pension may have been considerably underestimated.

Jack Ding PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 12-04-13

Australia needs a standard method of calculating shareholder loss in continuous disclosure cases

The number of continuous disclosure class actions in Australia is rising but Australia does not have a standard method for calculating shareholder loss. Em- pirical research assesses the different methods of calculating loss and identifies a clear winner.

Daniel Maroney, Dr Elvis Jarnecic PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 12-04-13

What happens to HFT in the UK market when US trading opens for the day?

Study highlights how price discovery in the world’s biggest market (the US market), affects HFT and UK liquidity.

Kiril Alampieski , Andrew Lepone PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 08-04-13

How good is the current method of modelling credit risk for the big banks?

Basel II introduced a new and more sophisticated way of modelling banks credit risk which is used by the big four banks in Australia. A recent study uses advanced mathematical techniques to stress test this model.

Silvio Tarca PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 05-04-13

Segmentation costing US investors billions

This CMCRC study of US markets, which feature approximately 300 different venues, has found that segmentation to the extent that it has experienced in the U.S. has led to a deterioration of market quality.

Hui Zheng, Amy Kwan PDF icon Policy RecommendationPDF icon Full ArticlePDF icon Appendices 15-03-13

Research scientist brings insights into insider trading

Law enforcement and prosecutions are required for regulation to improve market integrity (the extent to which investors engage in prohibited trading behaviour).

Jacob Chan PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 11-03-13

Global study suggests the effects of the GFC are behind us

Do capital markets in developed countries give their corporations a big edge over their rivals in emerging markets when it comes to accessing finance? A com- prehensive new study attempts to shed light on this question.

Alexander Vadilyev PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 04-03-13

Investor Characteristics and the Disposition Effect

Investor Characteristics and the Disposition Effect

Grace Gong, Danika Wright PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 03-03-13

What have Message Taxes Done to the Efficiency of Markets?

Regulators around the world are introducing cost recovery models, in part to curb the increasing incidence of High Frequency Trading. The question that arises is – will this make markets better?

Alexander Sacco, Andrew Lepone PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 02-03-13

Questioning long held beliefs in the superannuation industry

Everyone knows that decisions about asset allocation are significantly important in portfolio management. Indeed, getting the asset allocation decision right is fundamental for any fund to meet their risk/return objectives.

Paul Dou, David Gallagher PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 02-03-13

Portfolio Quality and Mutual Fund Performance

CMCRC research examining US equities shows that Quality stocks, and mutual funds which invest in these Quality stocks, provide downside protection during financial market crises.

David R. Gallagher, Peter A. Gardner, Camille H. Schmidt, Terry S. Walter PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full ArticleMicrosoft Office document icon Press Release 12-01-13

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