A Social Network framework to explore healthcare collaboration

A patient-centric approach to healthcare leads to an informal social network among medical professionals.

This chapter presents a research framework to:

Srinivasan, U.; Uddin, S View Paper 18-03-15
Leveraging Big Data Analytics to reduce healthcare costs

The healthcare sector deals with large volumes of electronic data related to patient services.

Srinivasan, U. View Paper 18-03-15
Anomalies Detection in Healthcare Services

Srinivasan, U. “Anomalies Detection in Healthcare Services” Using several practical examples of cost and quality-of-care outliers, the author presents a framework to detect outliers and anomalies in healthcare services.

Srinivasan, U. View Paper 18-03-15
Application of network analysis on healthcare

Fei Wang, Uma Srinivasan, Shahadat Uddin, and Sanjay Chawla. “Application of network analysis on healthcare”. In Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM), 2013 IEEE/ACM International Conference on IEEE, 2014.

Fei Wang, Uma Srinivasan, Shahadat Uddin, and Sanjay Chawla. View Paper 18-03-15
Tikhonov or lasso regularization: Which is better and when. In Tools with Artificial Intelligence

Fei Wang, Sanjay Chawla, and Wei Liu. “Tikhonov or lasso regularization: Which is better and when. In Tools with Artificial Intelligence” (ICTAI), 2013 IEEE 25th International Conference on, pages 795–802. IEEE, 2013.

Fei Wang, Sanjay Chawla, and Wei Liu. View paper 18-03-15
Data Science and the Policy Completion Problem

Sanjay Chawla, Federico Girosi, Fei Wang “Data Science and the Policy Completion Problem” The link between policy analysis and data science is more delicate than it may appear.

Sanjay Chawla, Federico Girosi, Fei Wang PDF icon Full Article 16-03-15
Joint Apposition Extraction with Syntactic and Semantic Constraints

A study by CMCRC researchers presents a fresh look at extracting apposition from large collections of news, web and broadcast text in order to turn unstructured news stories into “computable data”.

James Curran, Will Radford PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 31-10-13
Data mining researchers use innovative techniques to build robust classifier

Researcher discovers that a combination of adversarial learning and sparse modelling techniques improves the performance of an email/spam classifier.

Sanjay Chawla, Wei Liu, Fei Wang PDF icon SummaryPDF icon News ReleasePDF icon Full Article 10-07-13
Computer science research produces new type of regression algorithm for stock picking

Study looks at combining text data and financial quantitative data to produce a model for predicting a stocks daily return.

Tony Zhao PDF icon SummaryPDF icon News ReleasePDF icon Full Article 03-07-13
Pioneering visualization framework makes the picture clearer

Researchers produce a new framework, StreamEB, which could revolutionise the visual analysis of data and graph streams.

Quan Nguyen, Peter Eades PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 27-06-13
Computer scientists push boundaries to create automated news software

The development of a sophisticated and workable Named Entity Linking (NEL) system will enable the creation of new software allowing users to find vast amounts of news information about a named entity at the touch of a button.

Will Radford, James Curran PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 22-05-13
Multi-Fund Data Analytics targets enhanced value-for-money in healthcare services

Governments as well as health and accident compensation insurers are grappling to improve health outcomes while keeping spiralling costs under control.

Uma Srinivasan PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 10-03-13
Social network research in health could open the door for significant savings

The health industry consumes vast amounts of money and resources and is seen as a “black-hole” in many Government budgets. A ground breaking study using new science could save the industry millions and point the way for future research.

Shahadat Uddin PDF icon SummaryPDF icon Full Article 05-03-11
Agent-Based Distributed Data Mining: A Survey

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Chayapol Moemeng, Vladimir Gorodetsky, Ziye Zuo, Yong Yang, Chengqi Zhang 10-05-09
Negative-GSP: An Efficient Method for Mining Negative Sequential Patterns

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Zhigang Zheng, Yanchang Zhao, Ziye Zuo, Longbing Cao 10-05-09
Multi-Agent System for Customer Relationship Management with SVMs Tool

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Yanshan Xiao, Bo Liu, Longbing Cao, 10-05-09
A Game Theoretical Model for Adversarial Learning

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Wei Liu, Sanjay Chawla 10-05-09
Robust Record Linkage Blocking using Suffix Arrays

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Timothy De Vries, Sanjay Chawla, Hui Ke 10-05-09
Decision Support for Fraud Investigation

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Timothy De Vries, Sanjay Chawla 10-05-09
Unifying Global and Local Outlier Detection Using Commute Time Distance

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Nguyen Lu Dang Khoa, Sanjay Chawla 10-05-09
Recent Advances of Exception Mining in Stock Market

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Chao Luo, Yanchang Zhao, Dan Luo, Yuming Ou, Li Liu 10-05-09
Mining Exceptional Activity Patterns in Microstructure Data

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Yuming Ou, Longbing Cao, Chao Luo and Li Liu 10-05-08
A Learning Process Using SVMs for Multi-Agents Decision Classification

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Yanshan Xiao, Feiqi Deng, Bo Liu, Shouqiang Liu, Dan Luo, Guohua Liang 10-05-08
Decision Trees for Imbalanced Data Sets

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Wei Liu, Sanjay Chawla 10-05-08