Speaker: Stella Xu

Seminar Date: Tuesday June 20 12:00pm

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Selecting Most Suitable Intrusion Detection Method using Semantic-based Ontology Model

Speaker: Morteza Saberi

Seminar Date: Wednesday June 14 12:00pm

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Understanding Communities through Social Media Analytics

Speaker: Stephen Wan, Data61

Seminar Date: Tuesday May 30 12:00pm

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Navigating the Rough Seas of Digital Attribution

Speaker: Daniela Elia (Annalect)

Seminar Date: Tuesday May 2 12:00pm

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Benchmarking Clinical Speech Recognition and Information Extraction

Speaker: Hanna Suominen (ANU)

Seminar Date: Tuesday April 4 12:00pm

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Text Mining for Evidence Based Medicine

Speaker: Diego Molla-Aliod (Macquarie University)

Seminar Date: Tuesday March 14 12:00pm

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Detection of Healthcare Associated Infections Using Text and Data in Swedish Patient Records

Speaker: Hercules Dalianist

Seminar Date: Tuesday March 7 2017 12.00pm

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But I’m a Data Scientist Too, Aren’t I?

Speaker: Louise Ryan

Seminar Date: Tuesday February 28 2017 12.00pm

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Health Data: Either Out of Date or Out of Reach

Speaker: Anthony Huxley

Seminar Date: Tuesday February 21 2017 12.00pm

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General Practice Data; Comprehending the Incomprehensible

Speaker: Christopher Pearce

Seminar Date: Thursday (not the usual Tuesday) February 16 2017 12.00pm

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"A Sleep Deprivation Crisis” Is Arianna Huffington Right?

Speaker: Nicholas Glozier

Seminar Date:Tuesday February 7 2017, 12.00pm

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IoT – Connected ‘things’ and much, much more

Speaker: Stuart Corner

Seminar Date: Tuesday November 15 2016, 12.00pm

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Nutritional Cybernetics – teaching and research in metabolic systems

Speaker: Kim Bell-Anderson, USYD

Seminar Date: Tuesday November 8 2016, 12.00pm

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Health Insurance: Industry trends and HCF approaches

Speaker: Andrew Cottrill, HCF

Seminar Date: Tuesday October 24 2016, 12.00pm

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