Speaker: Seok-Hee Hong, University of Sydney

Seminar Date: Tuesday October 18 2016, 12.00pm

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The Why, and How of Why in Data Driven Technology

Speaker: Hilary Cinis, Data61

Seminar Date: Tuesday October 10 2016, 12.00pm

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Machine Learning the New Black

Speaker: Liz Moore, Telstra

Seminar Date: Tuesday October 4 2016, 12.00pm

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Making Biomedical Animations

Speaker: Chris Hammang, Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Seminar Date: Tuesday September 27 2016, 12.00pm

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Customer Churn Analysis

Speaker: Gavin Whyte, KPMG

Seminar Date: Tuesday September 20 2016, 12.00pm

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BI Revolution – bringing business intelligence into the 21st Century

Speaker: Kate Carruthers,UNSW

Seminar Date: Tuesday September 6 2016, 12.00pm

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TeleHealth: Monitoring Chronically Sick Patients on a Daily Basis

Speaker: Ross Spark, Data61

Seminar Date: Tuesday August 30 2016, 12.00pm

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The BEACH Dataset: Harnessing a Wealth of Primary Care Data in Australia

Speaker: Jannah Baker, USYD

Seminar Date: Tuesday August 23 2016, 12.00pm

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Are We What We Eat? Or How Genes, Hormones and Environment Predispose Us Towards Diabetes and Obesity

Speaker: Supriya Srinivasan, Scripps

Seminar Date: Tuesday August 16 2016, 12.00pm

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How do your odds really stack up in Nature's Casino?

Speaker: Alexander Pui, Willis Towers Watson

Seminar Date: Tuesday August 9 2016, 12.00pm

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Fragile X Syndrome Awareness Month 

Speaker: Michael Hart, CMCRC PhD Candidate, Western Sydney University.

Seminar Date: Tuesday August 2 2016, 3.00pm

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Harnessing Data for a Complex World

Speaker: Ian Oppermann, CEO and CDS, NSW Data Analytics Centre

Seminar Date: Tuesday July 19 2016, 12.00pm

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What are Blockchain, and How Do They Work?

Speaker: Luke Anderson, USYD & UTS

Seminar Date: Thursday July 14 2016, 4:15pm

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Model Driven Big Data Analytics

Speaker: Fethi Rabhi, UNSW

Seminar Date: Tuesday July 12 2016, 12.00pm

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ECG, a Very Old Dog with a New Trick: NeoCG "New Electrocardiography

Speaker: Gaetano Gargiulo, MARCS Institute

Seminar Date: Tuesday July 5 2016, 12.00pm

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