Speaker: Jannah Baker, USYD

Seminar Date: Tuesday August 23 2016, 12.00pm

Abstract: The BEACH dataset contains a wealth of primary care data, spanning 18 financial years (1998-2016). A random sample of 1,000 general practitioners (GPs) were involved in the BEACH study each year, collecting data on 100 consecutive patients each. Thus around 1.8 million patient encounters have been summarised. A wide range of variables are captured within the BEACH dataset, including GP and patient characteristics, reasons why people seek medical care and how each problem is managed. This presentation will provide an in-depth look at the structure of the BEACH questionnaire and study design and variables available in the dataset. Much research has already been carried out using the BEACH dataset and a synopsis of major findings and research topics covered will be provided. There is much scope for further research from the data.