Speaker: Kyle Evans, Corelogic RP Data Asia

Seminar Date: Tuesday June 28 2016, 12.00pm

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The Why, and How of Why in Data Driven Technology

Speaker: Hilary Cinis, Data61

Seminar Date: Tuesday June 14 2016, 12.00pm

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Social Media: A new frontier for mental health research

Speaker: Bridianne O’Dea, Black Dog Institute

Seminar Date: Tuesday May 31 2016, 12.00pm

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Digital Knowledge Ecosystems: Empowering users through context specific actionable information

Speaker: Athula Ginige, WSU

Seminar Date: Tuesday May 24 2016, 12.00pm

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What is Natural Language Generation (NLG) & What are Its Use Cases

Speaker: Ludan Stoeckle, Yseop

Seminar Date: Tuesday May 17 2016, 12.00pm

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Big Data in Medical Research - How Data Science helps finding the underlying causes of complex diseases.

Speaker: Boris Guennewig, Garvan Institute

Seminar Date: Tuesday May 10 2016, 12.00pm

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Mining Social Media

Speaker: Cecile Paris, CSIRO

Seminar Date: Tuesday May 3 2016, 12.00pm

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Machine Learning the New Black

Speaker: Liz Moore, Telstra

Seminar Date: Tuesday April 19 2016, 12.00pm

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Combining Health and Fitness Data for a Better User Centred Healthcare

Speaker: Valerie Gay & Peter Leijdekkers University of Technology Sydney

Seminar Date: Tuesday April 12 2016, 12.00pm

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Realising the Potential of Big Health Data for Australian Pharmacoepidemiological Research. How Are We Going?

Speaker: Sallie Pearson, University of NSW

Seminar Date: Tuesday April 5 2016, 12.00pm

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Computing, Mental Health and Wellbeing

Speaker: Rafael Calvo, University of Sydney

Seminar Date: Tuesday 22 March 2016, 12.00pm

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The Value of a Millisecond: Structural Segmentation of Uninformed Order Flow

Speaker: Haoming Chen (CMCRC-OSC), University of New South Wales

Seminar Date: Friday 3 March 2016, 3.30pm

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Best Practice for Captial Planning

Speaker: Dr Jannah Baker (CMCRC/NSW Health Postdoctoral Fellow), University of Sydney

Seminar Date: Tuesday 2 February 2016

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Utilising Big Data in the Search for Low-Value Health Care

Speaker: Kelsey Chalmers (CMCRC-HMQ PhD Student), University of Sydney

Seminar Date: Tuesday 15 September 2015

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Data, Knowledge and Discovery: Machine Learning meets Natural Science

Speakers: Hugh Durrant-Whyte, University of Sydney

Seminar Date: Tuesday 22 September 2015

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