Speaker: Valerie Gay & Peter Leijdekkers University of Technology Sydney Seminar Date: Tuesday April 12 2016, 12.00pm Abstract: Nowadays, health, fitness and contextual data can be ubiquitously collected using wearable devices, sensors and smart phones and be stored in various servers and devices. However, to engage users in active monitoring of their health and fitness, it is essential to personalise the monitoring and have all the relevant data in one place.This talk presents how those important features can be integrated in a Health and fitness app developed by our team. The app is able to aggregate data from multiple sources, keep it on the phone or export it to servers or Electronic Health Records (EHR). It can also present the aggregated data in a personalised manner.

The objective of this talk is also to discuss our current and future work on the use of mobile technology and data analysis to offer better and more personalised advice and care.