Speaker: Roger Kermode (UTS) Seminar Date: Tuesday September 5 12:00pm Brief abstract: Recent research by the AIIA shows that many organisations are flying on auto-pilot when it comes to effectively using data and analytics for strategic purposes. Most of the effort locally in AI and Machine Learning focuses on operational and tactical issues which presents both risks (for incumbent businesses) and opportunities (for upstarts). Roger will unpack the results of the AIIA Data and Analytics Survey and highlight where the opportunities, if not obligations are, for data science professionals to help their executive leadership and organisations to win in an increasingly competitive global market place. Short Bio: Dr Roger Kermode is an Industry Professor in the Faculty of Engineering and Information and Technology at UTS where he helps connect researchers and students with industry. Roger is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Incyzr whose mission is to help people understand change as it happens and focus on that which matters. Roger holds PhD and Masters degrees from the MIT Media Lab, is Fulbright Scholar and has 25 years of experience in R&D, commercialisation and consulting in Australia, the USA and Asia and chairs the AIIA Data and Analytics SIG.