Graduates: To apply for a share allocation, please complete the following application form and attach a certified copy of your PhD testamur. You can complete the form either electronically or by hand. Please print out the completed form and post it to us along with your certified testamur.

Equity scheme FAQ

A: We do not accept applications by email at this time. Please complete the application form (above) and send your application to us by post.

Q: I have successfully completed my PhD but I have not yet graduated. Can I apply for a share allocation?

A: You must provide proof of graduation (testamur) with your application.

Q: What is the share allocation for?

A: The allocation is made in recognition of you assigning commercial rights to intellectual property developed through your PhD research.

Q: Do I personally receive stock?

A: Shares are allocated and held by the Entity on your behalf.

A: The combined allocation to all students represents 2% equity, allocated to from time to time and held by the Entity.

A: Shares are allocated annually, so you may need to wait to receive notification of your entitlement. For example, those applying in February may need to wait until December for the next round of allocations. Entitlement letters are sent out by email following the allocation.

Q: Can I buy and sell shares?

A: Shares may be traded with other holders of shares allocated by the Entity.

Q: Is my shareholding taxable?

A: The allocation of shares may require disclosure and declaration in your tax return. Whilst the tax impact is not expected to be onerous, you are encouraged to seek independent advice in this regard.

Q: The application form requires me to provide bank details. Is this manditory?

A: Bank account details are required should we need to distribute any dividends.

Q: Is there a time limit to apply?

A: You must apply within one year of your graduation date. Those who do not apply within one year of graduation will forfeit their share allocation.

Q: I have a question about the scheme. Who should I ask?

A: Please direct your correspondence to, with the subject line 'Equity Scheme'.