Australian Health Service Alliance

The Australian Health Service Alliance (AHSA) is a company that represents Registered Private Health Funds across Australia. AHSA has its head office in Melbourne and an office in Sydney. The AHSA is responsible for facilitating arrangements between hospitals, doctors and health service providers on behalf of its participating funds.


HAMBS supplies and supports the HAMBS (Hospital and Medical Benefits System) application - a sophisticated and user-friendly software and information technology solution for the private health insurance industry in Australia.

Established in 1991, HAMBS was formed when the then users of the HAMBS application purchased the intellectual property from the original developer of the software. At that time, there were three HAMBS employees looking after 18 member Funds. In a rapidly growing industry with increased regulation, technological advances and in an increased competitive environment, HAMBS continues to grow and expand on the services available to our customers. Today, HAMBS has over 60 professional staff servicing our 23 health funds nationwide including the hosting of the application and network services for 19 funds.

Our approach, based on co-operation, quality and integrity, is backed by superior applications and services specifically designed to meet today's health insurance information technology needs. Click on the navigation links above to find out more about HAMBS.

Health Round Table

We are a non-profit membership organisation of health services across Australia and New Zealand. We exist to:

  • Provide opportunities for health executives to learn how to achieve Best Practice in their organisations
  • Collect, analyse and publish information comparing organisations and identifying ways to improve operational practices
  • Promote interstate and international collaboration and networking amongst health organisation executives

Lorica Health

Lorica Health, the new name for CMC Insurance Solutions, provides advanced claims analytics solutions and services to the health sector.

Our specialist team of data scientists, domain experts, analysts and engineers develop industry specific solutions which target fraud, abuse and waste, while also making markets that improve the quality and safety of health care. We serve over 40 private and public health sector clients in Australia.

Medibank Private

We are Medibank – an integrated healthcare company providing private health insurance and health solutions to over 3.8 million people in Australia and New Zealand.

National Health Performance Authority

TThe AIHW is a major national agency producing independent, relevant and reliable health and welfare information and statistics to support better decisions, leading to better health and wellbeing for Australians. The AIHW informs policy development and public disucssion by producing reports, datasets and other products - adding to the evidence base that is critical to good policy making and effective service delivery.

NSW Health

NSW Health comprises both the NSW Ministry of Health (a public service department under the Government Sector Employment Act 2013) and the various statutory organisations which make up the NSW public health system. It employs around 106,000 staff (full-time equivalent).

Semantic Sciences - Sintelix

Semantic Sciences was formed to establish a new level of accuracy in text analytics and information integration. We supply components, solutions, training, and consultancy. Our text analytic components enable our partners to reliably integrate unstructured data into their systems with better-than-human accuracy.

Transport Accident Commission

The TAC is a Victorian Government-owned organisation whose role is to promote road safety, improve the State's trauma system and support those who have been injured on our roads.

The funds the TAC needs to perform these functions come from payments made by Victorian motorists when they register their vehicles each year with VicRoads.