CMC Expert Consulting and Advisory Services


Expert Witness Services

Under the aegis of Capital Markets Consulting Pty Ltd we provide expertise in a number of high profile cases on areas such as insider trading and market manipulation in listed and OTC markets.  

CMC’s experts have provided expert evidence in a number of jurisdictions and provide not only expert testimony but expert reports backed by use of specialist tools that analyse and report on actual data as opposed to statistical sampling.  Our teams are expert users of the SMARTs surveillance provided by NASDAQ - in fact it was our expert team that built the product. We have also developed new technologies that enable enhanced analysis and evidence base collection from a wide number of markets (see mqd.com)

Courts to obtain the best possible expert evidence in these cases  provided by world leading independent experts. The most high-profile of these was the first case on market manipulation in New Zealand.  Further, our unique approach and methodology has now been recognised in multiple cases as best practice.


Expert Data-Intelligence Consulting and Research Services

We provide commercial research services translating our experts, research capability and technologies into solutions for industry.  

We also provide services globally empowering partners including exchanges with new data capabilities and as part of our engagements provide training to exchanges and regulators to enable them to act on their enhanced powers, particularly in enforcement.

Evidence-based Policy and Regulatory Advisory

We believe reliable and usable evidence bases with analysis tools can provide a vital role in determine the best outcomes from policy makers.  Governments. Regulators and Market Participants come to us to ensure that policies are made and implemented on the basis of trusted, reliable and usable evidence.

Our team are the world leading team in the field of “Market Quality”.  Market Quality is the extent to which most regulators and exchanges achieve their common objective of providing fair and efficient markets.  There are many factors that affect Market Quality and changes to regulation or participant behaviour (among other things) can have material impacts on Market Quality.

We act for clients in capital markets, health markets and energy seeking to improve (and/or not reduce through changes) their Market’s Quality