PhD scholarships 

CMCRC makes markets better and our world-leading Industrial PhD scholarships are at the heart of that. Through the scholarships, you can:

  • Become a future R&D leader
  • Enjoy unlimited access to world-leading research infrastructure worth $20 million
  • Conduct meaningful research, embedded with industry partners (some overseas) to solve real industry challenges
  • Enjoy supervision and support from academic and industry experts
  • Earn while you research with a $50,000 tax-free annual stipend, plus a travel and living allowance.

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Who can apply for CMCRC scholarships

High-quality Honours (Class I) and Masters Graduates in accounting, finance, economics, health economics and IT who attend one of CMRC’s partner universities can apply for the Industrial PhD Program.

Successful applicants can be confident of future success: 100% of our graduates complete the program, with 60% going on to work in industry or government and 40% in academia.

“This program is not just theoretical or academic research. It combines industry exposure. That is the real value of it.”

- Yolanda Yang, CMCRC Finance PhD student