New industry research

The approach, infrastructure and analytical expertise that has optimised Market Quality in finance and health are now being successfully applied to new research areas. These include:

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Digital finance

CMCRC's Digital Finance Research Centre completes research to improve the fairness and efficiency of new and emerging markets, such as digital and cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitcoin), digital assets, registries and exchanges. These are currently highly fragmented and have little regulatory oversight. Our team has extensive expertise in international economics and finance, market microstructure and financial econometrics.

The Centre brings together academics and practitioners to investigate the challenges and opportunities that the rise of digital currencies creates from the perspectives of market participants and regulators. The program draws on CMCRC's expertise in providing banking technology and trading integrity solutions to provide in-depth analysis of this new market. We investigate issues, including the effect of digital currencies as a new money, the money-supply infrastructure and the integrity of cryptocurrency markets.

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CMCRC's Energy Research Centre uses data, computing power and analytical expertise to help participants better understand energy markets and facilitate evidence-based decision making. We build and make available metrics (plus the knowledge to create new measures) to understand the efficiency, integrity of energy markets and optimise their security and reliability.

We apply our expertise in large-scale data processing, market microstructure and econometrics, and work closely with regulators, market operators, industry participants (both retailers and wholesalers), academics and other key stakeholders (e.g., owners of electricity distribution, transmission and interconnectors, as well as those looking at energy use behind the meters) to investigate areas of concern. We provide curated data and relevant research to support informed choice on market design.

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