Joint prediction of onset chronic conditions

Chronic conditions can be costly but also preventable as well as predictable. We develop a model to predict in the short term (2-3 years) the onset of one or more chronic conditions. Five chronic conditions are considered: heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

Shima Ghassen Pour, Federico Girosi

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Predicting Chronic Diseases From Healthcare Data-A Framework Based On Graph Theory And Social Network Measures

The study illustrates a framework to predict the progression of chronic diseases from a new perspective using graph theory and social network analysis methods.

Arif Khan, Shahadat Uddin, Uma Srinivasan

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A framework for administrative claim data to explore healthcare coordination and collaboration

Previous studies have documented the application of electronic health insurance claim data for health services research purposes.

Shahadat Uddin, Margaret Kelaher, Uma Srinivasan Article Link 08-10-15

Case-mix based peer clustering

We consider the problem of clustering hospitals based on their case-mix distributions. Hospitals belong to the same cluster if they offer the same mix of services and have similar demand for those services. The cluster labels can be used to control for case-mix in hospital level analyses.

M. Hart, S. Ghassem Pour, F. Girosi 24-09-15

Joint prediction of chronic conditions onset: comparing multivariate probits with Multiclass Support Vector Machines

We consider the problem of building accurate models that can predict, in the short term (2-3 years), the onset of one or more specific chronic conditions at individual level.

S. Ghassem Pour, F. Girosi 24-09-15


Timely information and education can enhance the ability of consumers to make informed choices about their health, lifestyle and modifiable disease risk factors.

Maneesh Mathai,A. Ginige,F. Girosi,U. Srinivasan 24-09-15

Adapting graph theory and social network measures on healthcare data – a new framework to understand chronic disease progression

The paper presents an approach that applies social network theory to understand chronic disease progression.
Submitted to the Australasian Workshop on Health Informatics and Knowledge Management

Arif Khan, Shahadat Uddin and Uma Srinivasan 24-09-15

A Social Network framework to explore healthcare collaboration

A patient-centric approach to healthcare leads to an informal social network among medical professionals.

This chapter presents a research framework to:

Srinivasan, U.; Uddin, S View Paper 18-03-15

Leveraging Big Data Analytics to reduce healthcare costs

The healthcare sector deals with large volumes of electronic data related to patient services.

Srinivasan, U. View Paper 18-03-15

Anomalies Detection in Healthcare Services

Srinivasan, U. “Anomalies Detection in Healthcare Services” Using several practical examples of cost and quality-of-care outliers, the author presents a framework to detect outliers and anomalies in healthcare services.

Srinivasan, U. View Paper 18-03-15

Application of network analysis on healthcare

Fei Wang, Uma Srinivasan, Shahadat Uddin, and Sanjay Chawla. “Application of network analysis on healthcare”. In Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM), 2013 IEEE/ACM International Conference on IEEE, 2014.

Fei Wang, Uma Srinivasan, Shahadat Uddin, and Sanjay Chawla. View Paper 18-03-15

Tikhonov or lasso regularization: Which is better and when. In Tools with Artificial Intelligence

Fei Wang, Sanjay Chawla, and Wei Liu. “Tikhonov or lasso regularization: Which is better and when. In Tools with Artificial Intelligence” (ICTAI), 2013 IEEE 25th International Conference on, pages 795–802. IEEE, 2013.

Fei Wang, Sanjay Chawla, and Wei Liu. View paper 18-03-15

Data Science and the Policy Completion Problem

Sanjay Chawla, Federico Girosi, Fei Wang “Data Science and the Policy Completion Problem” The link between policy analysis and data science is more delicate than it may appear.

Sanjay Chawla, Federico Girosi, Fei Wang

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Multi-Fund Data Analytics targets enhanced value-for-money in healthcare services

Governments as well as health and accident compensation insurers are grappling to improve health outcomes while keeping spiralling costs under control.

Uma Srinivasan

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Social network research in health could open the door for significant savings

The health industry consumes vast amounts of money and resources and is seen as a “black-hole” in many Government budgets. A ground breaking study using new science could save the industry millions and point the way for future research.

Shahadat Uddin

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