Founded as the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre in 2001, CMCRC has grown into one of the world’s premier translational research centres.

We apply world-leading research infrastructure and analytical expertise to many global markets, including finance, health and energy. The common aim is to make them all fairer and more efficient, thereby benefiting our partners and customers.

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CMCRC's success has been built on creating and implementing the "Market Quality Framework", which combines six essential elements:

  1. Academic research and commercial domain expertise in large global markets
  2. Data science and computer science research expertise and operational capabilities in areas such as analytics, informatics, artificial intelligence and big data
  3. An Industrial PhD Program that combines embedding with industry partners and a training and support program to ensure students have the skills and competencies to succeed
  4. World-leading research infrastructure combining access to wide sources of data across our domains, technologies that enable the effective use of that data and a data technology support team
  5. Industry partners with complex, high-quality research challenges for university partners, academics and students to solve, resulting in projects and outcomes of significant impact
  6. In-house commercialisation opportunities through our spin-off companies, associates and new projects

Our impact

(as at 30 June, 2017)

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CMCRC has received numerous prestigious awards in recognition of our contributions to research and industry. These include the Prime Minister’s Science Award for Innovation (2016), CRC Excellence in Innovation Award (2016) and the Research Australia Award for Innovation in the use of Data in Health & Medical Research (2016).


CMCRC is funded by a combination of industry and university partners who jointly support the CMCRC Mission and who have or will achieve a strong and proven return on investment relevant to their organisations. Additionally, this funding model is supported by spin-off and investment companies owned by CMCRC, the profits and exits from which support the core educational and social goals that are central to the CMCRC Mission.

The CRC Program

CMCRC was formed under the auspices of the Department of Industry and Science’s Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Program.

The CRC Program supports industry-led, end-user-driven research collaborations to address the major challenges facing Australia. Australia's network of CRCs operate across all sectors of Australia's economy and society.

CMCRC has been successful in attracting key industry and research partners to foster research that is both leading edge and industry relevant.

Further information on the CRC Program is available at: www.business.gov.au