How we help data researchers and analysts

CMCRC makes markets better through our state-of-the-art Market Quality Dashboard (MQD). This user-friendly suite of financial analysis solutions lets you:

  • Visualise, analyse and process data more efficiently
  • Choose, access and fuse financial data from multiple sources
  • Investigate and explain trends and deliver evidence-based policy design for markets
  • Create custom measures, queries and reporting across the full range of available trading and company data.

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About MQD

There are three components to the cloud-based MQD. Each can function as a stand-alone solution or work together seamlessly in a combined package:

  • MQD Numbers intuitive and flexible data portal for downloading and merging raw financial data from multiple providers
  • MQD Insight single interface for monitoring market quality across multiple markets and creating custom metrics
  • MQD Analytics next-generation framework for customised financial market data processing and sharing research outcomes.

MQD users include:

  • Regulators (Financial Conduct Authority, Ontario Securities Commission)
  • Exchanges (Nasdaq, Chi-X, Johannesburg Stock Exchange)
  • Universities (including University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, Macquarie University, Nankai University).

Use cases for MQD include showing the financial impact of the Hazelwood Power Station closure.

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