We provide targeted research solutions and explanatory power predicated on world leading technology developed at the CMCRC, quickly, cheaply and free of conflicts of interest.

We apply information discovery and surveillance technologies developed for financial markets and apply it to other markets with similar characteristics of complexity, high value, information opaqueness and asymmetry, and transaction volumes.

Our research, technology and visualisation gets data talking in finance and in health.

Here are some examples of where we can help:

In Finance:

  • institutions looking to determine the impact of market design changes on the efficiency and/or integrity of securities markets
  • entities looking to back test trading algorithms
  • corporate secretaries and in-house counsel facing questions about what’s driving their stock trading patterns
  • investment managers facing questions about the impact of HFT and dark pools on their trading strategies and returns
  • entities looking for valuation reports and assessments
  • entities looking for expert witnesses in allegations of insider trading, market manipulation and breaches of continuous disclosure

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In Health

  • health funders and providers facing questions about the optimum team structure for pursuing fraud/abuse/waste/errors
  • health funders facing questions about the optimum process for managing the end-to-end audit process
  • questions about what solutions exist to assist funders, providers and patients make optimal decisions
  • providers looking for educational / training resources in the area of fraud/abuse/waste/errors
  • health funders and providers trying to determine how to help patients maximise their utility
  • providers looking to optimise the provision of healthcare (i.e., provide the best healthcare outcomes at the lowest cost)

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