CMT is set up as a small investment fund of $15m, though we make larger investments with our partners. We target investments of $1m to $5m, and focus on the development of financial technologies, or technologies related to this field. We seek to invest in a relatively small amount of companies, then focus on all of them to try to take every investment to success.

Our investment approach is a cooperative one. We seek to bring together all commercial parties needed to make a new venture a success, and provide more than just capital. We make available the extensive R&D capabilities of the Capital Markets CRC to the companies we participate in, as well as providing access to the substantial network of industry partners.

The financial returns we achieve are used to perpetuate the Capital Markets CRC, including its R&D and investment programmes. We target the development of long term partnerships, and have successfully done so since our inception in 2001.

We strive to align commercial success and high quality R&D, and are proud of what we have achieved in both areas to date. While we are headquartered in Australia, our network of global industry partners is evidence of our global impact. Not only have we been able to spawn significant commercial success, we also run the biggest PhD programme in the Finance and Health disciplines – worldwide. We have been able to combine R&D and commercial understanding well, and are looking forward to continuing that story. Contact us today.