We had the pleasure of hosting Stuart Corner, freelance journalist, talking all things Internet of Things – “Connected Things and Much, Much More” on Tuesday 15thNovember 2016 as part of our Brown Bag Seminar series.
Here are some of the insights gleaned by Jo Khoo, PhD Student at the CMCRC. Above: CMCRC Health student Jo Khoo The Internet of Things is a broad term used to refer to everything from wearable technology to monitoring equipment used in agriculture. These devices routinely collect data that open up new possibilities for data analytics and the way that companies provide services to consumers after purchase.   Stuart also talked about an interesting case study from Laing O’Rourke an engineering company, where helmets were fitted with devices to monitor the wearer’s stats for heat stroke. The results were that the technology could analyse the trends and find that a person is suffering from heatstroke, typically half an hour before they realise it.   What I took away from this presentation is the many uncertainties that exist in this field – data security is a major issue as recent cyber security incidents have demonstrated but also a lack of standardisation in the platforms and networks used for connected devices. The IoT is predicted to grow exponentially, it will be interesting to see when greater scrutiny is placed on manufacturers in relation to the way that data collected by these devices is transmitted, stored, analysed and secured.   This is part of a series of blogs by students on insights gained from our guest speakers. If you would like to contribute to the Student Voice blog, please email