R.Scott Peacock

Scott Peacock is a specialist practitioner in breaches of securities market rules with over a decade of experience at the helm of the enforcement division of a Canadian regulator of securities markets. An independent barrister and solicitor, he was most recently the Director of Enforcement at the NSSC in Canada until his retirement in June 2013. In this capacity, he acquired broad experience in regulatory compliance, investigations, litigation, criminal prosecution, criminal defence, administrative and securities law. He led extensive multi-jurisdictional investigations involving national registrants in respect to allegations of market price support, insider trading and market manipulation for publicly traded securities, co-ordinating the resources of provincial regulators and self-regulatory agencies having jurisdiction. Mr Peacock is also experienced in the development and implementation of professional standards and capital markets regulation, as with the well as the conduct of registrants participating in the capital markets in Canada. He recently led a review of financial regulations for a securities regulator in Canada.
Areas of expertise: Regulation / Insider Trading / Market Manipulation