Senior Lecturer
Dr. Reuben Segara is a Lecturer of Finance at the University of Sydney. Dr Segara is also a research associate with the Capital Markets Co-Operative Research Centre (CRC) Limited. His research interests and expertise are primarily in the areas of microstructure influences on the performance of equities and derivative markets, investment and risk management and the efficiency of capital markets. Dr. Segara earned his Ph.D. (Finance) from the School of Business at the University of Sydney. He also holds a Bachelor of Business, majoring in accounting and finance from the University of Technology, Sydney and an honours degree in economics and finance at the same institution. His post-graduate degree was financially supported by securing one of two prestigious Australian Stock Exchange scholarships, whilst working as a research assocaite for the Securities Industry Research Centre of Asia-Pacific (SIRCA). He is actively involved in equities markets research with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Dr. Segara maintains an active research agenda and seeks to be an active participant within the investment community. Supervisor Homepage
Areas of expertise:  Market Microstructure