Sanjay Chawla is Professor of Pattern and Data Mining in the School of Information Technologies, University of Sydney. He served as the Head of School during 2008-11. His research work has appeared in leading data mining journals and conferences including ACM TKDD, Machine Learning, IEEE TKDE, DMKD, ACM SIGKDD, IEEE ICDM, SDM, and PAKDD. He is an associate editor for IEEE TKDE and serves on the editorial board of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. He served as a Program Co-Chair of PAKDD 2012. He received his PhD in 1995 from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA under Professor Suzanne Lenhart. Research interests My interests straddle data mining, machine learning and spatial data management. I also enjoy discussing philosophical issues related to data mining. My current emphasis is on problems such as:
  • Anomaly detection in high dimensional space.
  • Classification for imbalanced data.
  • Learning in adversarial environments.
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Areas of expertise: Data Mining / Learning in adversarial environments