Sean Foley’s research interest lies in the areas of stock market integrity and regulation. Sean’s work on integrity has focussed on the impact of insider trading and market manipulation on market quality. His work on regulation has focussed on the impact of the introduction and regulation of dark pools and the impact of high frequency trading on market quality. These research areas are both grounded in the market microstructure literature. Sean’s papers have received prizes for their quality at several international conferences, including the “Best Paper on Canadian Markets” at the Northern Finance Association meeting (NFA) 2013, “Best Paper from an Early Career Researcher” at the 2013 Behavioural Finance and Capital Markets Conference in Adelaide and the “Best Market Microstructure Paper” at the 2012 Finance and Corporate Governance Conference in Melbourne. Sean has been a head tutor in the discipline of Finance since 2008, having taught subjects such a diversity of subjects including Financial Valuations, International Financial Management, Trading and Dealing and Corporate Finance 2. Sean has a PhD in Finance from the University of Sydney, as well as an undergraduate degree in Economics with a first class honours in Finance. The title of Sean’s PhD dissertation is “The impact of Regulation on Market Quality”. Supervisor Homepage
Areas of expertise: Microstructure / dark pools / auctions