Adjunct Professor
Dr Uma Srinivasan currently works as a research scientist and mentor for health market quality PhD students at Capital Markets CRC. Dr Srinivasan also provides advise to research and product development in the area of health information business intelligence services. Formerly she worked as Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO, Australia leading a team of IT professionals, scientists and engineers in two specialist areas: Health Data Integration and Multimedia Delivery Technologies. Her previous position also includes working as a Project Director at Prince of Wales Hospital Group, South Eastern Sydney Area Health Service, where she was responsible for designing managing implementations of large inter-hospital systems. She has several international publications in the areas of health information systems, multi-database and multimedia systems. She holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of New South Wales. Dr Srinivasan is an Adjunct Professor at Western Sydney University, Australia. Her research interests include network analytics and predictive modelling for the healthcare sector.  
Areas of expertise: Health Economics / Data Mining