Sue Evans

Associate Professor

William Wilson

Associate Professor
Bill Wilson is engaged in research on applications of (mathematical) category theory to cognitive modelling, on the use of self-organising maps in modelling brain functioning, and on the use of tensor product networks in modelling relational reasoning. Some of his recent work, with Steven Phillips, of AIST, Tsukuba, Japan, has focussed on using universal mapping properties to eliminate ad-hoc choices in constructing theories for particular instances of systematicity. A continuing theme is the use of the concept of relational complexity, developed with Graeme Halford and Glenda Andrews (Griffith University, Queensland, Australia) and Steven Phillips, to measure the difficulty of mental tasks, and the connections between relational complexity and cognitive coordinate systems.
Areas of expertise: cognitive modelling

Jianxin Wang

Jianxin Wang received his from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, and his Ph.D. in economics from Northwestern University in the United States. He worked as a financial analyst in Chicago before joining the University of New South Wales. He has held visiting positions in Yonsei University, South Korea, the Capital Market and Financial Institution Supervisory Agency of Indonesia, Beijing and Nankai Universities in China, and the Central Economic-Mathematical Institute, Academy of Sciences, USSR. He joined UTS in April 2011.
Areas of expertise: Corporate Finance

Federico Girosi LinkedIn

Associate Professor

Federico Girosi is an Associate Professor in Population Health at the School of Medicine, Western Sydney University and the Head of Research of the Health Market Quality program of Capital Markets CRC. Dr. Girosi is a health economist and a data scientist whose interests span a wide range of topics.

He is currently working in collaboration with federal and state organizations, as well with the private sector, on projects that apply data analytics to the solution of problems of immediate interest. Examples of his current projects include the development of a microsimulation for the prediction of health and health care utilization under different policy scenarios, the detection of clusters and anomalies in health trajectories, the design of customizable catchment areas and the analysis of the role of chronic conditions in the DRG hospital payment system.

He is also a Chief Investigator in three NHMRC sponsored projects: two that studies ways to manage ear infections in urban Aboriginal children and one that looks at immediate versus delayed care for gestational diabetes diagnosed at booking.

Dr. Girosi is also involved in research in the burden of eating disorders and in the evaluation of labor and birth programs.

Dr. Girosi earned a Ph.D. in Health Policy from Harvard University in 2003, and worked 8 years at the RAND Corporation (Santa Monica, U.S.A.). His best known RAND project was the development of the COMPARE microsimulation, which was used to evaluate the impact of health care reform commonly known as “Obamacare”. He also holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Genoa, Italy, and conducted research for 10 years at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the areas of machine learning and computer vision.

Dr. Girosi has published in a number of peer-reviewed international journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine, Health Affairs, Nature, Science and the Proceedings of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He is also the author of a book, published by Princeton University Press in 2008 and co-authored by Gary King, entitled “Demographic Forecasting”.

This information has been contributed by Doctor Girosi.

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Areas of expertise: Health Economics / Data Mining

Joakim Westerholm

Associate Professor
P. Joakim Westerholm’s teaching and research interests are in the areas of Asset Pricing: with focus on security market microstructure and behavioral finance topics; Corporate Finance: with focus on CEO and Corporate Insider trading strategies and acquisition decisions. Joakim’s publications include a doctoral dissertation, research articles in Journal of Finance, Review of Finance, Journal of International Financial Markets Institutions and Money, Journal of Trading, Australian Journal of Management, International Review of Finance and the Finnish Journal of Business Economics, and a book section published by L. Stern School of Business at New York University and Elsevier Science. Joakim’s research articles in market microstructure and behavioural finance have been accepted for presentation at top Finance conferences such as the Western Finance Association Meeting (WFA), the European Finance Association (EFA) and the Financial Management Association International Meetings in USA and Europe, and have also been presented at specialist conferences in Market Microstructure. Joakim received best paper awards at the Behavioral Finance and Capital Markets Conference, Adelaide, 2011, the Conference on the Theories and Practices of Securities and Financial Markets, Taiwan, 2011, and the award for best paper of 2007 in Australian Journal of Management. He was also awarded the SIRCA Research Excellence Award at the Australian Banking and Finance Conference in 2003 and 2004. Joakim has a PhD in Finance from the Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration (Hanken), in Helsinki, Finland. Joakim has 9 years industry experience in broking, dealing and funds management. Supervisor Homepage
Areas of expertise: Market Microstructure

Marvin Wee

Associate Professor
Marvin Wee is currently Associate Professor at the UWA Business School. Marvin has been lecturing full time at UWA since January 2001. During this time, Marvin completed his PhD in 2006 on the trading by retail traders and their impact on the Australian Stock Exchange. After completing his PhD, Marvin worked at Bank of Scotland Treasury (Perth Branch) as an Interest Rate and Foreign Exchange Sales Dealer for 18 months. Marvin returned to academia in Feb 2009 to pursue his research interests. Marvin has taught courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels based upon his area of expertise. These courses are in the area of corporate finance, investments and financial market microstructure. Marvin has published academic papers in international journals and presented at leading international conferences. These papers are on topics such as trading behaviour, financial market microstructure, firm disclosure, investor relations and information asymmetry within the stock market.
Areas of expertise: Market Microstructure / Capital Markets / Company Disclosures / Analyst Forecasts
 / Firm Disclosure / Integrated Reporting

Peter Pham

Associate Professor
Currently an Associate Professor at the School of Banking and Finance at UNSW. Previously, I was at the University of Sydney. I hold a PhD in Finance, completed in early 2004 at Monash University. As an academic, my main areas of research interests are in the areas of corporate finance, corporate governance and international financial markets. My papers have been published in top-tier and highly ranked finance journals such as Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, and Journal of Banking and Finance. My working papers have also been presented in prestigious conferences such as the Western Finance Association and American Finance Association meetings. I have been teaching undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA-level classes. The courses that I normally teach are mergers and acquisitions, venture capital and private equity and other generic corporate finance subjects. At UNSW, I am currently the Director of the Postgraduate Research program at the School of Banking and Finance, which comprises a large cohort of PhD and Master of Philosophy students.
Areas of expertise: Market Microstructure / Corporate Finance

Maurice Peat

Associate Professor
Dr Maurice Peat has a PhD in Finance from UTS, in the area of theoretical and empirical financial distress modelling. Maurice broad experience in business related disciplines having worked in Economics and Information Systems before joining the department. Maurice’s current research interests cover such topics as credit risk and corporate distress analysis, a managerial decision context for financial analysis, the economics of restructuring transactions and the impacts of Information technology on financial innovation.
Areas of expertise:  Quantitative Finance

Irena Koprinska

Associate Professor
Irena Koprinska is Associate Professor in the School of Information Technologies. Her research interests are in data mining, neural networks, recommender systems and medical informatics, in particular classification and prediction tasks. Irena Koprinska has more than 80 publications in these areas, has served on numerous program committees of leading conferences and undertaken extensive reviewing of conference and journal papers, and grant applications. She has taught both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including large first year courses, and has received the Faculty Award for Outstanding Teaching in 2008 and the SUITS Best Lecturer Award in 2013. As Sub-Dean (Learning and Teaching), Irena Koprinska is responsible for enhancing the quality of teaching in the faculty and promoting good teaching practice.
Areas of expertise: Artificial Intelligence

Dr Mao Lin Huang

Associate Professor
Dr Mao Lin Huang is an Associate Professor in School of Software, the Faculty of Engineering & IT, the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), Australia. He is the Director of Visualization Research Lab, and the member of iNEXT and AAi Research Centres (the UTS key research strength Centre at the university level). Dr Huang is also the member of the IEEE Technical Committee on Parallel Processing (TCPP), and the IEEE Technical Committee on Electronic Commerce (TCEC). Dr Huang is carrying out research mainly in the areas of Information Visualization, Visual Analytics, Graph Drawing and Visual Data Mining. He is a renowned expert and an internationally recognized researcher in the area of information visualization. Dr. Huang has published 170 research papers in high quality journals and international conferences since 1997. His publications have been citated for 1118 times according to Google Scholar. Dr Huang has successfully supervised 5 PhD students, and he is currently supervising 7 PhD students. Dr Huang has received many research grants including a large ARC Discovery Grant received recently, that was a very competitive grant with a 20% of lower acceptance rate. As the Sole Chief Investigator, he is fully (100%) in charge of this ARC large research project, granted by Australian Research Council (ARC) for the period of 2006 – 2008. He has chaired various international conferences/symposiums, and has been involved in the program committees of many international conferences. He is an editor of various conference proceedings. Dr. Huang has been a reviewer for several well-known IEEE Transactions and other journals, including the IEEE Trans. on Knowledge & Data Engneering, the IEEE Trans. on Systems, Mans and Cybertics and Journal of Information Visualization (IVS).
Areas of expertise: Visualisation