David Johnstone

Areas of expertise: Bayesian probability / Informed trading / Cost of capital

Liaquat Hossain

I personally believe that I bring (i) strong transdisciplinairy complex systems and computational social science research as an individual researcher; (ii) experience in cross fertilization of complex systems research approach with other disciplines such as Medicine, Public Health, Clinical Infectious Diseases, Physical, Life and Agricultural Sciences, and Business and Economics; (iii) proven track record of successful development and implementation of multidisciplinary undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs as well as success in developing and implementing combined degrees with Information Science, Engineering, Commerce, Public Health and Agricultural sciences; and, (iv) significant local and international research partnerships with leading universities and industry contact as well as success in supporting fundraising initiatives. My research focuses on understanding resilience, robustness, accuracy and precision of information flow in organisational, community and engineered complex systems. I have been investigating the functioning and robustness of hierarchical structures and potential problem leading to disruption or delay in the adaptation of behaviours for optimal functioning. I consider the examination of feedback systems leading to effectiveness and efficiency in learning, correcting or intervention to changed behaviour an important step towards understanding performance outcome of different networks in social, biological, living and organizational systems. I am fascinated by the complexity of interactions of different macro and micro structures which could lead to positive, negative or improved outcome in different types of systems and sub systems. Currently, I am exploring effects of social networks and technology in supporting communication flow during crisis, coordinated interventions and delivery of health care and sociology of health, coordination of public health interventions, social networks in allied health service learning, effects of social networks in the delivery of nutritional health outcome. I have also been exploring social media analytics and social networks to explore disaster/crisis management and understanding resilience for dealing with disasters related to flood, fire, tsunami, disease outbreaks from food, zoonotic diseases and other man made and bio related security preparedness and response. My work over the past 10 years have evolved to be transdisciplinary where I begin to find links with social, biological, life and computational sciences and its application in exploring robustness, accuracy and precision of information flow problem in organising systems so that underlying innovation process and learning networks can be explored empirically.
Areas of expertise:  Complex Systems / Social Networks / Evolutionary Systems / Information Flow / Self Organisation / Bio-Security / Epidemics and Public Health Interventions

Seok Hee Hong

Profesor Hong is a Professor and a Future Fellow (2013-2016) at the School of IT, University of Sydney. She was a Humboldt Fellow in 2013-2014, ARC Research Fellow in 2008-2012, and a project leader of VALACON (Visualisation and Analysis of Large and Complex Networks) project at NICTA (National ICT Australia) in 2004-2007. Her main research interests include Graph Drawing, Algorithms, Information Visualisation and Visual Analytics.
Areas of expertise: Scalable algorithms / Visualisation / Big data

Thomas Henker

Thomas Henker received his MBA in 1994 and his Ph.D. (Finance) in 1999 from the University of Massachusetts. He is a member of the CFA-Institute and holds a Chartered Financial Analyst® charter. He is regular presenter and invited speaker at academic and practitioner conferences. Thomas has published numerous articles in leading Finance journals including the Journal of Financial Markets, the European Journal of Finance, the Journal of Empirical Finance, and the Financial Review. He is a member of the curriculum committee of the Chartered Alternative Investments Association, a research associate of INGARM, and a member of FIRN. His research interests are in Portfolio Management, the Microstructure of Financial Markets and in Alternative Investments. Thomas is Professor of Finance at Bond University where he lectures in both undergraduate and postgraduate portfolio management and quantitative methods courses. He has taught at Bond University, the University of New South Wales, BITCC in Beijing, Clark University and the University of Massachusetts.
Areas of expertise: Microstructure

Jane Hamilton

PhD, MAcc, BBus, CPA Corporate disclosure; corporate governance, financial accounting; auditing, and accounting policy choice – Economics of Audit Markets
Areas of expertise: Accounting / Corporate disclosure / Corporate Governance / Financial Accounting / Auditing / Accounting policy choice

Natalie Gallery

PhD (Griffith University), BCom(Hons) (Griffith University), BBus(Accy) (Queensland University of Technology) Accounting regulation, Disclosure, Financial advice, Financial literacy, Financial reporting, Retirement incomes policy, Superannuation
Areas of expertise: Accounting regulation / Disclosure / Financial advice / Financial literacy / Financial Reporting / Retirement incomes policy / Superannuation

David R. Gallagher LinkedIn

David R. Gallagher is a Research Director at the Capital Markets CRC Limited. His most recent appointment was as CEO of the UNSW Australia-led Centre of Excellence in International Finance and Regulation (CIFR) from 2013-2016. Previous academic appointments include professorial roles at UNSW Business School, the University of Technology, Sydney, and the University of Texas at Austin. He has also served as a visiting scholar at the Investment Company Institute in Washington DC, and prior to his academic career, was a Financial Analyst at Towers Perrin Inc. (now Willis Towers Watson) in the Asset Consulting division. Dr Gallagher’s research interests and expertise are in the fields of investment management and capital markets. His research has been widely cited in various forms, and he has consulted widely to both industry and Government. Professor Gallagher graduated with a doctorate from The University of Sydney Business School in 2002. Areas of expertise: Portfolio management

Alex Frino LinkedIn

Professor Alex Frino holds a Masters Degree in Finance from the University of Cambridge, England and a PhD in Finance from the University of Sydney. His research specialisation is Mi and he has published almost one hundred articles in scholarly journals including the Journal of Finance, Journal of Banking & Finance, Journal of Portfolio Management and Journal of Futures Markets. He has attracted over $5 million in Australian Research Council funding and leads a successful Cooperative Research Centre funding bid valued at over $100 million. In 2005, Professor Frino received the 2005 Fulbright Senior Scholar Award in recognition of his research achievements. Supervisor Homepage
Areas of expertise:  Market Microstructure

Robert Durand

Financially ruined in the Crash of 1987, Robert roamed the world for a number of years looking for people to blame. After completing his MBA at Edinburgh and PhD at Murdoch, he has stopped searching for scapegoats. He spends many happy hours researching asset pricing, with a particular emphasis on the role of behavioural finance in asset pricing.
Areas of expertise: Commerce / Management / Tourism and Services

Raymond da Silva Rosa

Winthrop Professor Raymond da Silva Rosa is a Professor of Finance at UWA Business School, the University of Western Australia. He lectures in Investments, Advanced Corporate Finance, and Mergers & Acquisitions. Raymond has taught in the MBA program at Melbourne Business School, in the Masters Program at the University of Sydney and at the Stern School of Business, New York University where he lectured in Behavioural Finance. Raymond wrote his PhD thesis on the sharemarket consequences of mergers and acquisitions and retains an on-going research interest in this area. He has also provided opinion as an expert witness on several occasions in lawsuits that arose from disputed contests for corporate control. He has published widely on M&As in academic research journals and has provided opinion in this area as an expert witness on several occasions. He currently holds an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant (with colleagues) to investigate the role of directors in M&A activity.
Areas of expertise: Capital Event Studies / Mergers and acquisitions / Schemes of arrangement