Natalie Yoon-na Oh

Senior Lecturer
Areas of expertise: Portfolio management

Vito Mollica

Senior Lecturer
Dr Mollica’s research centres on securities market design, asset selection criteria, quantitative investment research and residential property price dynamics. He is currently working on issues related to high frequency traders, market transparency, institutional execution costs and property marketing strategies. Supervisor Homepage

Cases and assignments

Technology Impact on Capital Markets, Research commissioned by the Financial Services Council (FSC) 21 May 2013
Areas of expertise: Market Microstructure / Property / Derivatives

Eric Martin

Senior Lecturer
  • Logical foundations of AI
  • Formal Learning Theory
  • Logical Paradigms of Inductive Inference
  • Logic Programming
Areas of expertise:  Logical foundations of AI / Formal Learning Theory / Logical Paradigms of Inductive Inference / Logic Programming

Shiguang Ma

Senior Lecturer
Shiguang Ma is a Senior Lecturer in finance in the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance at the University of Wollongong. Before he joined the School in 2008, he held either teaching or research positions in Universities in Australia, Hong Kong and China. He was also a deputy manager in Investment Banking Branch, Northern International Trust and Investment Corp. Shiguang research interests include market efficiency, initial public offer, corporate governance, earnings management, China’s and emerging financial market. Shiguang has about 50 publications of journal articles, book chapters and books in either English or Chinese. His recent publications appeared in Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, Accounting and Finance, Journal of Asian Pacific Economy, Corporate Ownership and Control Problems and Perspectives in Management, and Applied Financial Economics. Shiguang has experienced teaching a number of subjects in the areas of finance, banking and business statistics, and at either undergraduate or postgraduate levels. Shiguang is also an experienced Honours, Masters and PhD mentor.
Areas of expertise: Earnings quality / Corporate Governance

Elvis Jarnecic

Senior Lecturer
  • Behavioural finance
  • Derivatives
  • Derivatives markets
  • Investor behavior and stock market dynamics
  • Investor trading strategies and behaviour
  • Liquidity
  • Market microstructure
  • Securities market microstructure
  • Stock market liquidity
  • Trading behaviour
Supervisor Homepage
Areas of expertise: Microstructure / Derivatives / Trading

Andrew Jackson

Senior Lecturer
Andrew joined the school in July 2005 and was appointed Senior Lecturer in July 2011. Andrew teaches postgraduate financial accounting. Prior to his appointment at UNSW, Andrew taught at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. His research interest examines how accounting information is used by capital market participants, including issues on earnings co-movements, corporate disclosure, stock return volatility, the timeliness of earnings and asset pricing models. His paper, ‘Pierpont and the Capital Market’ was awarded a joint share of the Abacus 2009 Manuscript Award. Andrew is a director of the Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ) and is the Undergraduate Honours coordinator in the School of Accounting.
Areas of expertise: Accounting / Litigation risk

Dionigi Gerace

Senior Lecturer
Dionigi holds a Bachelor of Statistics and Actuarial Studies from the University of Calabria, Italy, a Masters in Finance and Economics as well as a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Naples, Federico II, Italy. Dionigi also holds a Diploma in Business and Accounting from the Grimaldi Institute in Italy. Dionigi has held teaching positions at both the University of Sydney, and the University of Calabria. During his time at the University of Sydney, Dionigi taught classes in both Corporate Finance and Derivatives. At the University of Calabria, he was involved in teaching a first year mathematics subject. Supervisor Homepage
Areas of expertise: Corporate Finance / Microstructure

Quan Gan

Senior Lecturer
Quan Gan holds a Bachelor Degree in computer science from Tsinghua University, China; a Master Degree in Quantitative Finance from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and University of Zurich, Switzerland; a PhD degree in Econometrics from the University of New South Wales, Australia. Upon his graduation from Tsinghua, Quan worked as a software engineer III in San Jose (Silicon Valley), USA. After that he worked as a quantitative analyst in Zurich, Switzerland and a financial analyst in Sydney, Australia. Prior to joining the University of Sydney in 2009, he lectured business courses at Australian school of business and school of engineering, UNSW. He visits the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley from January to June in 2012. Quan currently serves as an associate editor of Asia-Pacific Financial Markets (the official journal of the Japanese Association of Financial Econometrics and Engineering). He served as a research fund reviewer for the Israel Research Foundation in 2013. Quan Gan holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation. He has published popular stock analysis articles and comments in Bloomberg, Australian Financial Review and Eureka Report. He also comments on financial markets on SBS radio program. Quan’s research has been reported by The Australian and Australian Financial Review.
Areas of expertise: Informed trading / Real estate

Huu Duong

Senior Lecturer
Huu Duong joined the department as a Senior Lecturer in Finance in January 2012. Prior to that, he held a Senior Lecturer in Finance position at Deakin University. Huu has published in academic and practitioner journals such as the Journal of Banking and Finance, Financial Review, Journal of Futures Markets, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal and Journal of Trading. He has also won awards for conference papers presented at the Financial Management Association Meeting and the Finance and Corporate Governance Conference and competitive research grants from the Australian Research Council (ARC), the Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ), and the Australian Centre for Financial Studies (ACFS).
Areas of expertise:  Corporate Finance / Derivatives Markets / Market Microstructure

Jeff Coulton

Senior Lecturer
Jeff Coulton is a Senior Lecturer in the UNSW Australia Business School. Before joining UNSW, Jeff was a lecturer in the School of Accounting at UTS and prior to that at the University of Sydney. In 2006 he was teaching at the University of Texas at Austin. Jeff worked as a solicitor for Corrs Chambers Westgarth for a number of years before returning to academia. Jeff’s research interests include voluntary disclosure, executive remuneration, corporate governance and earnings management, and he has published articles on earnings management, the disclosure of executive compensation and corporate governance. Jeff’s current teaching interest is in the area of financial statement analysis; focusing on business strategy analysis to inform the use of accounting information and other public disclosures in firm valuation. He has also experience in teaching financial reporting courses. More details
Areas of expertise: Financial Statement Analysis / Valuation