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Health PhD candidate Mohammad Pulok has presented at the University of Toronto

Health PhD candidate Mohammad Pulok has recently presented a summary of his PhD papers at the University of Toronto for the March Canadian Centre for Health Economics Seminar. Mohammad’s PhD uses horizontal inequity to conduct the fairness of Medicare healthcare services in the era of greater private healthcare financing in Australia. The presentation outlined the observational findings from four papers to provide an overview of horizontal inequity in healthcare service delivery in Australia. “The general conclusion is that inequity in GP visits has become slightly pro-rich for the first time in Australia while inequity in specialist consultation has continued to be favourable for wealthier people. Additionally, locality of living and private health insurance status matter to explain this pro-rich inequity.” Says Mohammad. Mohammad Pulok is a part of the Health Market Quality R&D Program at CMCRC which aims to improve integrity and efficiency for all stakeholders in the health market.
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