Adviser Ratings becomes CMCRC’s 58th industry partner in financial markets

CMCRC’s reputation for delivering commercialisable outcomes for industry partners continues to grow.

Adviser Ratings has recently partnered with CMCRC. Launched in October 2014, in the wake of the Future of Financial Advice reforms (FOFA), the Financial System Inquiry (FSI) and financial planning scandals of the time, Adviser Ratings’ vision is to improve the penetration of financial advice amongst Australian consumers.

“We’re delighted Adviser Ratings has recognised our leadership in making financial markets fairer and more efficient.” 

There are more than 24,000 financial advisers on Adviser Ratings’ independent platform, enabling consumers to browse and search for an adviser suited to their needs, rated and reviewed by other consumers.

Dr Andrew Lepone, Head of the CMCRC-SIRCA Research Institute, said, “We’re delighted Adviser Ratings has recognised our leadership in making financial markets fairer and more efficient. We look forward to applying our research talent, world-leading infrastructure and academic expertise to help them tackle this important industry issue.”

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Adviser Ratings becomes CMCRC’s 58th industry partner in the financial markets. “Our unique offering and track record of commercialisation keeps paying dividends for those partners,” said Dr Lepone, adding that Adviser Ratings will be sponsoring a CMCRC Industrial PhD researcher.

And just as CMCRC now conducts research in the health, digital currency and energy markets as well as finance, along with developing successful commercial spin-offs, Adviser Ratings has similarly evolved. It is now a data and technology company providing services to the wealth management industry including advice licensees, super funds, life insurers, fund managers, investment platforms and software providers.

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Associate Professor Andrew Lepone
Dr Andrew Lepone, Head of Education and Partnerships

Dr Andrew Lepone, Head of CMCRC-SIRCA Research Institute
Andrew leads the Research Institute at CMCRC-SIRCA. He manages all matters associated with the interaction between the CMCRC and its university and industry partners. His portfolio includes implementation and management of agreements with all partners, provision and audit of cash and in-kind resources from external partners, selection and industry placement of PhD students in the Finance Market Quality Program, administration of policy and procedures governing the interaction between PhD students and staff on-site at industry partner offices, and communication of research findings to all partners where appropriate.