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CMCRC-SIRCA AT TECH23Discover how we support and invest in up-and-coming Aussie tech innovatorsCMCRC-SIRCA Group is backing up-and-coming Aussie tech innovators through sponsorship of a special award to be presented at this year’s Tech23. The event is being held on Tuesday 23 October at The Auditorium in Surry Hills, Sydney. Tech23 turns 10 this year. Showcasing innovative home-grown solutions

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Power to the people

Power to the peopleResearch from CMCRC-SIRCA’s Energy Research Centre can deliver affordable electricity and gas by improving the quality of global energy marketsAnyone who has ever been on the receiving end of a gas or electricity bill knows the feeling – OUCH! From business to families, rising energy costs are a pressing issue.  Associate Professor Dr Jeff Wong

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Unlocking the value in data

Unlocking the value in dataWhy big data is no big problem thanks to MQD – the world’s most sophisticated data-research suiteThe world’s financial markets are complex beasts that constantly shift and change.  On a micro level, day-to day-trades may suddenly emit ripples that can unexpectedly turn into huge waves of volatility, which then subside having left

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David Wright profile

DAVID MYTON talks to DAVID WRIGHT, the new Chief Executive Officer of CMCRC-SIRCA“I love to solve problems that matter,” says David Wright, the recently appointed CEO of the CMCRC-SIRCA Group. “To look at something important and work it out, then implement a solution. I am challenged by making things happen.”Wright took up the top job

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