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Adviser Ratings becomes CMCRC’s 58th industry partner in financial markets

CMCRC’s reputation for delivering commercialisable outcomes for industry partners continues to grow.Adviser Ratings has recently partnered with CMCRC. Launched in October 2014, in the wake of the Future of Financial Advice reforms (FOFA), the Financial System Inquiry (FSI) and financial planning scandals of the time, Adviser Ratings’ vision is to improve the penetration of financial

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Speaker: Timur Behlul, AlphaBeta Seminar Date: Tuesday August 1 12:00pm Brief abstract: Macro-economic data such as GDP typically undergoes many revisions prior to the final release. These revisions go on for several quarters, and can be quite significant. Yet many practitioners attempting to forecast current quarter GDP (now-casting) use the latest vintage of data. This is problematic, as using the

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