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From R&D to analysing big data: experts across ‘multiple domains’

Dr Shan Ji … We can apply our techniques to any type of market dataFrom R&D to analysing big data: experts across ‘multiple domains’David Myton talks to the head of CMCRC-SIRCA’s Central Development Team, Dr Shan JiDr Shan Ji is full of admiration for the man known to history as the Princeps mathematicorum – the 18th

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CMCRC-SIRCA chairman, Dr David Skellern, AO presented Kristofer Rogers, CEO of Split Payments, with the CMCRC-SIRCA Market Changing Technologies Award. CMCRC-SIRCAINVESTS IN INNOVATIONOpen banking payments platform wins CMCRC-SIRCA’s Market Changing Technologies Award at Tech23…Kristofer Rogers paused for a moment during his presentation at the recent Tech 23 2018 conference, ran a hand over his close-cropped head and

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The Digital Currency RevolutionElvira Sojli, Head of CMCRC-SIRCA’s Digital Finance Research Centre explains how the world of finance is being reshapedBack in the 18th century the renowned Scottish economist and philosopher Adam Smith declared: “All money is a matter of belief.”  First we believed money was equivalent to gold and precious metals and stones. Then we

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When will central banks switch to digital money?

CMCRC-SIRCA Head of Digital Finance Research Centre, Elvira Sojli, says society can benefit from the change, but is Australia ready? As countries move bit-by-bit towards a cashless society, governments will have to start replacing notes and coins with digital currencies.The move, when it happens in the years and decades to come, will need answers to

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