Speaker: Andrew Stead, Firemark Labs Seminar Date: Tuesday November 14 12:00pm Brief abstract: The growing gap between customer expectations and what corporates are able to deliver is being filled by start-ups. Unencumbered by legacy systems and shareholder demands, start-ups are free to seek opportunities to create value for and own the customer. IAG has built Firemark to respond to the emerging challenge. Encompassing a venture fund, business incubator and technology hub. Each engages with start-ups and apply the lessons of start-ups when creating new products and businesses, to maximize the chances of success and impact. The presentation will explore the Firemark model, start-up lessons and what we have learnt so far. Short Bio: Andrew Stead has worked extensively with start-up founders and early stage investors, through private and public incubators, accelerators and venture funds. As a founder, advisor and board member, he specialises in the commercialisation of technology products, creation of new businesses, capital raising, and mergers and acquisitions. Andrew’s overlapping experiences between corporates, research organisations and start-ups provides a unique perspective on collaboration and innovation. He currently leads Firemark Labs Australia that is responsible for product incubation at insurer IAG, is a committee member and founder of early stage investment group Sydney Angels, non-executive director of Hivery, Fivecast and Data to Decisions CRC.