Capital Markets Technologies most recent investment, CIM Enviro, has been featured in Startup AUS Report,  Digital Foundations. CIM Enviro has been mentioned (p11) as a leading edge example of  a machine learning hardware and software solution used to optimise how buildings perform.
CMT proudly invested in CIM Enviro, an Irish/Australian startup using innovative technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) to help customers reduce energy usage. CIM Enviro has been on a roll recently, being featured in the Financial Review and winning the ‘Startup 2017’ accolade at the Irish/ Australian Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. CIM Enviro’s ACE system harvests data from building equipment like pumps, fans and air conditioners using off-the-shelf industrial IoT hardware, then uses big data processing and machines learning algorithms to detect faults and inefficiencies that are wasting energy. Capital Markets Technologies chief executive Professor Mike Aitken says, “Everything we do is aligned to using data to improve efficiency and transparency within a market. SMARTS did that within financial markets, CIM Enviro is doing the same within buildings.” Read more: CIM ENVIRO CEO David Walsh