Speaker: Bo Han (RedMarker/Kaplan Professional) Seminar Date: Tuesday November 28 12:00pm Brief abstract: Social media has become a gold mine of insights into the people, opinions and events. However, this massive amount of data also challenges the efficiency and effectiveness of existing machine learning algorithms. One way to approach this problem is “divide-and-conquer”. You can partition the data into different segments and process the relevant data subset with respect to a task. One of the meaningful segmentations is geographical location.  In this talk, Dr Bo HAN will give a presentation on inferring geographical locations based on location indicative words from text data. He will cover technical details, applications and recent progress on this topic. Short Bio: Dr Bo HAN is a senior data scientist at RedMarker/Kaplan Professional. He obtained his PhD from the University of Melbourne. With over 10 years’ experience in Natural Language Processing and Social Media Analytics, he has worked in both industry giants (Microsoft Research Asia, IBM Research) and start-up companies (Hugo AI, RedMarker). He is keen on applying NLP technologies to solve real-world problems. See more in tq010or.github.io.