CMCRC welcomed special guests from Nankai University recently to discuss strategies for further collaboration.
The delegation consisted of four members from the University including Professor Zhihui Li, Director of the Institute of Finance Research,  who is also the Chinese Director of the China Market Quality Research Centre, co-established by the CMCRC and Nankai University in April 2016 Other guests were from the Faculty of Economics; Professor Qi Liang, Dean of Faculty of Economics & Director of Social Science Research, A/Professor Xiangchao Hao, and Dr. Guangsu Zhou. The delegation met with senior management of the CMCRC to discuss strategies for further collaboration between CMCRC and Nankai and to meet with CMCRC’s education partners and Fintech start-ups invested and incubated by the CMCRC to further understand the industry sponsored PhD model. Our guests were impressed with CMT startups CIM Environmental, Digi Cash and InfiniGold, as well as spin off company Lorical Health and by how well CMCRC’s research has been integrated with industry needs. They also offered to introduce the three Fin-tech start-ups and their technologies to their industry and academic partners in China. Another key topic of the meeting with educational and industry partners was the Special Social Science Research Funding Program of the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC), which aims to fund 10 new PhD students and two new Postdocs from a University in China per year for three years to come to Australia for joint PhD training. Processes are underway to take advantage of this fruitful opportunity in the future.