Speaker: Lindsay Bevege Seminar Date: Tuesday June 6 12:00pm Brief abstract: SmartWard provides quality assurance on hospital wards and high integrity data for automated care planning and delivery.  SmartWard is a platform for data-driven management of hospitals.  It both anticipates new and emerging Systems in the Healthcare space and recognizes the need for robust connections with the existing corporate and device applications.  SmartWard has been developed with a firm evidence of improving patient outcomes, while lowering hospital costs. Short Bio: Lindsay Bevege is Chief Executive and co-founder of SmartWard P/L. He has been working with the SmartWard inventor, Matt Darling for the past six years to develop the business, engage hospitals and raise funds.  Lindsay is also a Director of Business Outlook and Evaluation, a boutique management consultancy that has advised research and technology-based companies for the past 15 years. He is also Chair of the not-for-profit Enterprise Learning Projects that works with remote aboriginal communities to establish businesses. Lindsay was previously General Manager of Public Affairs for CSIRO.  Prior to that, he was an Australian diplomat working in South-East Asia.  Lindsay has a Bachelor of Science with Honours (Physics) and a Masters of Environmental Science (Monash University), and a Graduate Diploma in Economics (ANU).