Speaker: Georgie Drury & Anita Grindlay (from startup Sprinday) Seminar Date: Tuesday September 19 12:00pm
Brief abstract: To put it simply, Springday powers wellbeing.  We use technology to engage with individuals by creating an ecosystem of wellbeing resources, gamified challenges and activities, software and hardware integrations, face-to-face services and benefits. Forrester Consulting, Thought Leadership Paper, The Dawn of Data-Driven Healthcare (June 2107) states that 90% of healthcare providers agreed that patient engagement is critical to improving overall care, and 79% of providers agreed that technology is changing the way that they engage with patients.  As Health care payers in Australia move to Population Management, leveraging the power of Springday will enable successful engagement with individuals across the health continuum.  Springday has partnered with DXC to deliver the well-being component to the DXC Care Coordination Platform.  This partnership allows payers and providers to deliver a population health approach facilitating the engagement of individuals across the continuum of heath and the collection and collation of data to allow for management, predictive analysis and continuous learning.  This presentation will detail how Springday both as a stand-alone offering and through integration with our partners can change the Health and Wellbeing of Australians.
Short Bio: Georgie Drury, Springday CEO and founder, is a self-confessed tech geek in trainers. Her two great passions are technology and holistic health and she combined them to create Springday, a company at the cutting edge of technology and wellbeing. Anita Grindlay, Head of Insurance and Strategy for Springday is a specialist health management consultant with over 18 years consulting experience working with health care providers, funders, and regulators across the health spectrum from prevention, primary care, acute care, aged care and end of life. The focus of her work is the provision of expert efficiency and effectiveness management services for the planning, design, delivery, evaluation and funding of health and preventative care services across the continuum.