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We invite organisations to become CMCRC partners and experience the benefits provided by our world-leading Industrial PhD Program.

Benefits for industry partners

  • Access to outstanding, trained industry-ready PhD researchers in finance, health and computer science, all supervised by world-leading academics to solve complex industry challenges.
  • Access to world-leading infrastructure, specialist hardware and software.
  • Access to the CMCRC programming team.
  • Access to unique market data.
  • Ability to grow your internal R&D capability.
  • Meaningful returns on investment.
  • Ongoing value researchers often take up roles with industry partners.

Benefits for university partners

  • Involvement in the leading education and training program providing PhD candidates with skills and resources to deliver high-calibre, commercially relevant research.
  • Retention of academic talent who may otherwise have gone straight to industry.
  • Access to industry networks.
  • Means of attracting quality students, staff, funding and support.
  • Access to commercial and privileged market data for both basic and applied research.
  • Access to world-leading data research and intelligence infrastructure.
  • Meaningful returns on investment.
  • Important source of human capital – 40% of CMCRC Industrial PhD researchers follow academic careers.

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"Our Industrial PhD Program has seen over 140 researchers fundamentally improve the outputs of our university and industry partners.

"From getting published in the most prestigious academic journals to developing state-of-the-art commercial tools, our researchers have helped make existing and emerging markets better – enabling our partners to reap the rewards."

- Dr Andrew Lepone, CMCRC Head of Education and Partnerships

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How the CMCRC Industrial PhD Program works

  1. Outstanding PhD researchers are sourced from Honours (Class I) and Masters graduates in accounting, finance, economics, health economics and IT. 
  2. Applicants are closely vetted by a selection committee. Shortlisted researchers are then interviewed and selected by the industry sponsor.
  3. Selected researchers receive extensive training to ensure they are industry-ready.
  4. Researchers spend three years embedded with the industry partner working on industry-relevant and academically rigorous research problems with both an academic and industry supervisor. (The academic supervisor is responsible for the academic component of the student’s research, including research methodology and the production of at least one academic article per year. The industry supervisor is responsible for the research problem and data access.)


The funding per PhD student is $50,000 p.a. (provided by the industry partner), which is paid to the student as a tax-free scholarship. The supervisor is entitled to an allowance of $10,000 p.a. If the PhD student is required to undertake international travel, additional funding of $20,000 p.a. is required to cover international airfares and accommodation for up to six months, usually spent onsite with the industry partner. The total cost for an international PhD student is $80,000 p.a. CMCRC funds all associated administration and infrastructure costs.

If a Cotutelle arrangement is organised with an existing CMCRC partner university, the funding required for a PhD student is split between the two universities.

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